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Cloud Services

Companies are choosing SUNG cloud services to deliver a responsive IT and to innovate the way people work. At SUNG we deliver a cloud for business and our cloud services cover all domains and delivery models to help you unleash innovation.

Cloud Managed Services

Fully managed, security rich production ready cloud environment for enterprise applications

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Adoption

Develop a business-based cloud adoption strategy

Cloud Transformation Services

Develop a transformation roadmap

Workload Transformation Analysis

Accelerate adoption of your cloud strategy

Network Application Optimization for Cloud Computing

Optimize your network to support cloud computing

Application and Network Performance Optimization for Cloud Computing

Optimize network performance

Software Defined Networking

Enable rapid deployment of your cloud applications with network virtualization

Private Cloud Services

SUNG Cloud OpenStack Services

Dedicated bare metal resources, operating on SUNG infrastructure and running on the OpenStack cloud operating system

SUNG Cloud Builder

Get a fully automated private cloud deployed in less than a day

Cloud Security Services

Cloud Security Assessment

Assess the maturity of your cloud solution's security

Cloud Security Strategy

Build a security-rich cloud strategy roadmap

Cloud Network Security

Better secure your critical business systems and data

Event and Log Management

Track incidents and collect data in order to make improvements

Vulnerability Management

Locate and remediate vulnerabilities in order to limit exposure to attacks

Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Cloud Backup

Protect your data with cost-effective managed solution

Data Virtualization

Virtually instant recovery of critical data without generating multiple copies

Virtualized Server Recovery

Improved server recovery time and reliability

Email Management